Mecca Development Plan

Posted by Farhan Ahmad Saturday, October 24, 2009

This very attractive, I have read newspaper today, the New York Times had reported Saudi Arabia plan to make improvement at Muslim holy city of Mecca under a 20 years project. They expect approval will be achieved in the month of January next year. I believe this project will change the economic region whole middle east and world too. Because this place own unique history based on past Islamic history. Mecca is economic area in middle east since Jahiliyah time.

Therefore it will attract many Islamic from worldwide to appear to not only intention fulfil Hajj in Hajj season, in fact it more attractive to doing business. Maybe Saudi Arabia Government was recognized they cannot depend on oil resources only. They must work hard to find other space to increase revenue. Below I got a lot pictures from one slide that look beautiful and elegent, I hope so.

Makkah in 2010


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